Computer-Aided Facility, Human & Utility Management Application (CAFMLab) - v1.0.0 Just shipped

Save cost, time and resources through synthesized data

Work Efficiently, Track Performance and Make Informed & Profitable Decisions on Your Assets, Staff and Utilities

Data for Decision Making
Workspace for Collaboration
Tool for Management
Platform for Tracking
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CAFMLab For Facility Management

Peak Performance Facility Management & Tracking in one click

  • Prioritize complaints and create work orders
  • Document maintenance processes & costs
  • Maximize asset useful life through prevention

CAPLab For Power Management

Smart Power Analysis & Management with Cost Savings

Understand your energy usage, energy losses and how to lower their costs

  • Identify Theft
  • Study Irregularities
  • Make Savings
  • Diesel vs Electricity
  • Consumption Rate
  • Threshold Notifications

CAAMLab For Asset Management

Asset Management for Decision Making

5-Star Asset Inventory for Budgeting

Yearly planning, forecasting and budgeting can easily be done based on well documented asset history

Asset Categorization for Maintenance

Categorized into "TYPES", "STATUS" & "CONDITION", assets can be maintained efficiently

Accurate Documentation for Savings

Wastages in resources can be eliminated or grossly reduced through accurate documentation of their location and state-of-use


CAHMLab For Human Management

Profitable Resource Allocation & Performance Measurement

Optimize human, time and material allocation based on performance record

  • Staffing
  • Role Assignment
  • Key Performance Metrics
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Team Work


Simple to use and beautiful UI application for windows, linus and mac operating systems

Automated Data Analysis

An intuitive application that analyzes and presents data in charts for quality decision making


Bespoke application, tailored to your specific business needs and scaled to fit your size

Unlimited Performance

Complete complex projects with a hand-holding support to guarantee 100% satisfaction

get things done effortlessly

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Designed for organizations and companies looking for Computer Aided Applications to effortlessly manage human and material resources

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